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"To excel, be sure to their feet on the ground, from our duty. We do wear-resisting material do? Is take the customer as the center, create value for the customer

"To excel, be sure to their feet on the ground, from our duty. We do wear-resisting material do? Is take the customer as the center, create value for the customer, make market-oriented enterprise". Ningguo jianning integrity wear-resisting material party branch secretary QinZhao into gay in excel in stage activities at windup said. Anhui ningguo jianning integrity wear-resisting material Co., LTD founded in 2002, has been put on enterprise development and party construction work on first position, beginning to do for the party committee was established the good faith wear-resisting material party branch. After the establishment of the party branch has the party construction work and the development of the enterprise combined, and the lead role party member's cutting edge and employee actual work together. In 2010, the good faith the company party branch will enterprise "take the customer as the center" make the enterprise and the party's market-oriented excel combining work, put out a series of measures.

First, the company launched a "take the customer as the center" slogan for activities, request the party member cadre to play the cutting edge exemplary role, launch the staff participate actively in the slogan for activity, to their own work as the base, to ideological understanding as the premise, with each write "take the customer as the center" the slogan, enable the relevant staff from the thought that the customer is the fundamental, all the quality of product and service well, do fine, make the customers love it. Make products is good customer service, the premise is the best reflect their own value. The activity and good results have been achieved, everything in the company have dramatically than before. Lafarge cement Co., LTD. Guests Ryan when visiting to the company's site management are satisfied with it, expect the deeper cooperation.

Second, a 3 d customer service system. Will the domestic customers by region, each area shall have a manager, responsible for the area a all customers the daily contact and maintenance, marketing personnel responsible for their customers, the company set up special orgnaization of matters relating to Tibet, visit customer, understand and old customers products use and further demand, help customers to solve new problems such as size distribution of the scheme. To establish the system of customer service to feel considerate service. Every detail to plan ahead, finishing all customer service dept scheme, and then meet specific questions unity analysis, the summary, to enhance the next level of service.

Third, perfect salary evaluation system. The company will staff team carried out in a planned way prior planning and design, and formulates perfect salary assessment and rewards and punishment system, so as to arouse the enthusiasm of the staff and the creativity, make each employee to go all out for the company to do more contribution, and employee to also get ability the enhancement and compensation to improve, get the embodiment of the value of other. In view of this, the company put forward for employees in "creating development platform, create value for the customer" business philosophy.

No pains, no gains, you will be rewarded. To excel, the staff of the activity of the ideological recognition for their work, improve the attitude to improve the, so that the company's all work is around the customer as the center to do. In 2010, wear-resisting material market situation is not optimistic, honesty of the company in 2010 FaHuoLiang than growing 8% in 2009, and has got a good result.

Believe that with "take the customer as the center" make market-oriented enterprise activity thorough development, all staff's ideas will get more in the degree of ascension, the staff enthusiasm, initiative and creativity will continue to show for customers to create more value, the good faith company will also with the development of the customers and to develop quickly and well.

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